Monday, November 14, 2016

Review: Star Wars Cookie Decoration Kit

This Halloween I spotted a Star Wars cookie decorating kit from Leese Enterprises for sale among the treats available. It has nothing to do with Halloween but with only black, orange and white colored icing inside (the character cookies are a First Order Stormtrooper helmet and BB-8) presumably it seemed to be just Halloween-y enough to be a part of that display. 

That part didn’t matter to us, but the fact that it was 75% off the day AFTER Halloween was pretty awesome though!

With our very cheap, not-particularly-Halloweeny, cookie decoration kit we were ready to have some Star Warsy fun and enjoy some cookies. Here’s how it went…

There were eight shaped sugar cookies inside the box, a white icing pack, two icing tubes for details (black and orange), and for some reason a bag of rainbow candy balls.

Anyway, I haven’t decorated cookies in a long time but I make much of my living as an illustrator. I pride myself and depend on my artistic abilities. How hard could it be to work with icing? I was so na├»ve…

Another step or two would've been VERY helpful!
The first thing you notice in the box is the cookies have the character details etched right in so you can easily follow the pattern. That’s a really nice touch because without that all hope may be lost.

Next you realize laughably tiny amount of supplied white icing for eight cookies that – to match the box – each take up a lot of white icing. 

Not much left after just 2 cookies!
This kit is marked ages 3+ and even I was having a hard time squeezing the black and orange icing out of the “Icing Writer” in any kind of controlled way. There’s no way my 4 ½ year-old daughter would have the hand strength to make a design, let alone a continuous line. How you’re supposed to fill in the gaps I don’t know.

The white icing is too thick to come out in any fluid way either so making a slick looking BB-8 was not easy. Seriously, toothpaste would be easier to work with!

I think they turned out looking reasonably good. Due to the difficulty of squeezing the icing I did do most of - almost all - the work myself so as far as a “together” activity, this was pretty weak. 

Leese Enterprises made a Millennium Falcon kit at Christmas (akin to a gingerbread house) and that was much easier for us to do together AND it came with more than enough icing to make it look like the box photos.
We skipped the white icing for these ones.
But with any cookie, it really comes down to enjoying eating them. I must admit these cookies were really tasty! My daughter licked her BB-8 almost entirely clean before eating the cookie. When it came to the Stormtrooper she had black icing all over her face and hands. Her hands looked as blackened as a mechanic’s by the time her cookie was gone!
This used to be BB-8

I’m glad we didn’t pay full price for this kit because the frustrations were much more entertaining with only a few dollars spent. She got to enjoy watching me do all the work but we both enjoyed recreating AND eating these characters in cookie form.  

More importantly we found another way to enjoy Star Wars together! 

Troopers can take a few licks too!

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