Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Read, You Must: Aliens of the Galaxy

What’s Star Wars without the aliens? Hard to imagine! 

With memorable characters like Jabba the Hutt, Yoda, Jar Jar Binks and Maz Kanata, Star Wars has always shown a wide variety of lifeforms that populate the galaxy far, far away. Some aliens are terrifying like Darth Maul and others are huggable like Chewbacca, but they sure are all a big part of what makes Star Wars so great!

In Star Wars: Aliens of the Galaxy frequent Star Wars author Jason Fry (Weapon of a Jedi, Star Wars in 100 Scenes and many more!) describes the interesting traits of numerous alien species. The book is 42 pages full of photos and images spanning all 7 “Episode” movies (no Rogue One sneak peeks here). One nice feature is the large fold-out section at the back that really highlights the different aliens of The Force Awakens in a big way!

There are other great guidebooks to the characters of Star Wars but they usually focus only on the movies OR the TV shows – rarely both. Thankfully not here! 

In Aliens of the Galaxy you usually see a variety of images for each kind of alien including how they appeared on TV. Along the way there are many nuggets of information to “Increase your galactic IQ” as well.
For younglings wanting to learn more about the non-human characters of Star Wars, particularly those in The Force Awakens, Aliens of the Galaxy is a fun, informative read with plenty of detailed visuals.

Publisher's Recommendation: Ages 6 - 9

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