Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Keep an Eye Out for Weird C-3PO Toys!

Poor C-3PO! If any character in Star Wars has continual vision problems, it's the loveable - if occasionally annoying - protocol droid. 

In Episode I young Anakin introduces Padmé to the droid, only to discover he's missing an eye! Then in Episode V as Chewbacca tries to reassemble him, he exclaims "Something's not right because now I can't see!"

Finally in Episode VI Jabba's cackling sidekick alien Salacious Crumb goes so far as to peck one of C-3PO's eyes right out!

C-3PO keeps an eye out for Jabba's henchmen!

Only George Lucas knows why "Threepio" was made to suffer, but it seems the folks at Hasbro toys are having some fun with the droid's "photo receptor" mishaps. At least that's the only thing that makes sense to explain a bizarre situation with the eyes on the latest C-3PO action figures.

The Star Wars Rebels version of C-3PO, as seen in the first episode "Droids in Distress", is supposed to look like this official picture from Hasbro:

Reality is a bit different and many fans are noticing some incredibly funny paint-jobs on his eyes:

What's he looking at down there?

So serious!
One eye is perfect! So close!
To be fair, a couple of people have found Star Wars Rebels C-3PO figures that look at least something like they're supposed to, but I am not one of those fortunate ones. It's hard to understand why the paint-jobs are so terrible on so many of this figure, and differently terrible on each one. 

Here's the BEST ones found so far:
Still not quite right.

Was it something I said?
Does your C-3PO have a funny expression? Does yours look "right"? Either way, leave a comment below or send a photo to starwarskidscast@gmail.com 

UPDATE: Well I found myself a pretty decent Rebels C-3PO...

but I feel bad for whoever got the only other one...

Thanks to Mike & Adam for the two "good" pictures : )

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