Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Read, You Must: Star Wars Complete Locations

Star Wars: Complete Locations is the book for readers wondering how Rey made a crashed AT-AT into a liveable space or what the inside of every level of Maz Kanata’s castle looked like. 

Ever imagined the hidden corners of Jabba’s palace or how the Rebel Alliance got their starcraft in and out of the Yavin 4 temple? Or even an aerial map of all the parts of Endor seen in Return of the Jedi? The look inside the Rebels’ Hoth base is particularly stunning!

It’s all here and a lot more in a book appropriately titled Complete Locations (at least until Rogue One comes out, or Episode VIII, or…… the future is pretty awesome for Star Wars, huh?). The focus here is the settings of the action of the Star Wars movies, not the action itself.

Star Wars: Complete Locations from DK is a large-size hardcover book full of richly detailed illustrations and all sorts of nuggets of information. This book is a great companion piece to books like Incredible Cross-Sections and the various Star Wars Visual Dictionaries and is similar in structure to those titles.

With 192 pages – many of them foldout - much of this material has been seen before in earlier books like Inside the Worlds of Star Wars Trilogy and Inside the Worlds of Star Wars Episode I. Brand new is the last section, dedicated to the places and spaces of The Force Awakens.


What’s great about these sorts of books is that they are easily enjoyable on different levels so they can appeal to fans of different ages and interests. There’s plenty of interesting information to read for those who really want to dive in deep. For others, simply marveling at the thought and detail put into each illustration is enjoyable enough.

Either way, readers will notice all sorts of things in corners and backgrounds of the movies after this enjoying this book!

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