Saturday, June 28, 2014

Phineas and Ferb Star Wars Special July 26th (US)

It was announced a long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away?) but now here's a sneak peek at Disney's Phineas and Ferb Star Wars Special!

In the special episode Phineas and Ferb are living happily on Tatooine near Luke Skywalker when the plans for blowing up the Death Star accidentally fall into their hands!
Complicating matters, Candace -- the boys' sister -- has a Stormtrooper-like intent on "busting rebels" who chase Phineas and Ferb across the galaxy in hopes of retrieving the Death Star plans.

That's all we'll say need to spoil the surprises, but if you really want to know more, you could read the synopsis posted on 

For US audiences the special will premiere on Disney Channel July 26th, 2014.  Canadian audiences will likely see it on Disney XD. (Check their website for confirmation.) UPDATE: Canadian viewers will have to wait until August 8 at 5:30 pm ET/PT, and it will be on Family Channel, not Disney XD Canada. International viewers should check their local listings.

And here's the official trailer...May the Ferb be with you!

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