Thursday, February 27, 2014

Star Wars Kidscast Episode 7: Discuss Origami Yoda with Tom Angleberger, I do.

Is Origami Yoda real? Best-selling author Tom Angleberger visits the Star Wars Kidscast for an entertaining, in-depth conversation about life as a writer, life on the autism spectrum and of course a life-long love of Star Wars! Tom reveals more than a few secrets about what's to come in the new book Princess Labelmaker To The Rescue and even gives some BIG hints about how the whole series ends (without spoiling too much)!

Plus: Learn about Tom's own squashed Rebellion and the true story of how one boy helped The Strange Case of Origami Yoda get published in the first place! You won't want to miss this fun and insightful conversation.

For more about Tom Angleberger and his books visit

Clip from The Strange Case of Origami Yoda audiobook courtesy of Recorded Books.

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Coming to Netflix March 7, 2014!

Terrific news for fans of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and exciting news for anyone unfamiliar with that fantastic series: starting March 7, 2014 it will be available for viewing on Netflix in the US & Canada (still awaiting news for other countries).

Star Wars: The Clone Wars was the Emmy Award-winning animated series that bridged the gap between the Episode II & III films. From 2008-2013, action-packed, weekly adventures of characters like Anakin, Padmé, Obi-Wan, Yoda, Palpatine, General Grievous, R2-D2 & C-3P0 were on TV! It also introduced many now-popular characters like Ahsoka Tano, Cad Bane and Hondo Ohnaka. The outstanding quality of the animation, voice-acting and writing made each episode feel like a mini-Star Wars movie!

It wasn't widely publicized but Star Wars creator George Lucas was directly involved in all aspects of the show. Like the movies, some parts were light and fun but some were thematically very dark and intense, most notably the storyline of Darth Maul's return. Yep, Darth Maul survived Episode I, and The Clone Wars being such a well-written show came up with a plausible way to make that happen. However, it should be said that some episodes of The Clone Wars may be too frightening for the youngest younglings in your family.

The Clone Wars was unfortunately cancelled before many of the the 6th season episodes were finished or aired. There was concern when it aired that the Season 5 finale was actually going to be the series' finale, and that later turned out to be true.

Thanks to continued fan support, letter-writing and outcry (#SaveTheCloneWars), most of what would have been Season 6 has now been completed and will be also available on Netflix March 7 as "The Lost Missions". There is no proper finale to the show and even after we see these Lost Missions there will likely still be some unanswered questions. Here's the official info from 

However, for fans of the show any more Clone Wars is a good thing. For new viewers you'll have 5 seasons of awesome to catch up on starting March 7! Enjoy! 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Star Wars Rebels: Meet the Characters Pt 2

So within hours after the last post introducing the first few new Star Wars Rebels characters, Lucasfilm unveiled two more new character videos. It's sure exciting to get to know what's coming and who are the main characters of the upcoming show!

Finally we get to see the female characters in action after already meeting Zeb, Kanan, Ezra & the droid Chopper the droid! 

Enjoy these videos on Hera the pilot & Sabine the "Explosive Artist".

Want to know more about Star Wars Rebels? Here's our earlier article from January 2014.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Star Wars Rebels: Meet the Characters Pt 1.

We're finally getting some real details and video from the upcoming Disney XD series Star Wars Rebels. If you are unaware of Rebels so far, that's ok. It won't be on TV for months still! However, among Star Wars fans excitement and interest are already building for this brand new animated series set between Episode III (Revenge of the Sith) & Episode IV (A New Hope).

Lucasfilm has recently released a few short videos on key characters. I say "Part 1" on the title here because they haven't yet made available such a video for the new bad guy (The Inquisitor) or for any of the female characters, so there's obviously more teasers to come. In the meantime, meet (some of) the Star Wars Rebels!

Want to know more about Star Wars Rebels? Here's our earlier article from January 2014.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Star Wars Kidscast Episode 6: Vader Valentines, Variety & Voicemail

It's almost Valentine's Day and Star Wars Kidscast is joined by Star Wars A Very Vader Valentine's Day illustrator Katie Cook along with her baby girl...hey, kids are always welcome on the Kidscast! We talk Star Wars, art, Muppets and briefly touch on Valentine's Day too. Also in this episode we take a closer look at the Star Wars "Gold Heart" pins available to support Variety the Children's Charity and respond to a listener voice message.

More about artist Katie Cook:
Star Wars support of Variety:
Star Wars Age 9

To read a review of Star Wars: A Very Vader Valentine's Day visit here.

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