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Chris Hamilton, creator of Star Wars Kidscast, is also a children's musician and illustrator. He has released two CDs for kids so far and both are available on iTunes and other digital-download sales sites. Oddly enough he has yet to record a specifically Star Wars-y song!

Chris Hamilton Boogie Child
Boogie Child: Chris Hamilton's 2nd CD
Chris Hamilton Sticky Situations
Chris' debut CD: Sticky Situations
Since 2003 Chris has performed hundreds of children's & family concerts in Canada. His songs are original, fun, lively, great to sing-along or to just enjoy. The CDs feature many of Chris' musical friends from the Vancouver music scene.

Chris is also an illustrator and works on many different projects, usually for children. His art is on the front and back of both his CDs. He also designed the children's department mascots for Surrey Libraries in Surrey, BC.

Chris Hamilton - Boogie Child CD  on iTunes
Features "I Didn't Know", "Worm Germs", "You're An Animal!", "Super-Powered Superhero", "Boogie Child" and 11 more!

Chris Hamilton - Sticky Situations CD on iTunes
Features "My Pet Dragon", "The Day We Tried to Shampoo Rover", "Barrel of Monkeys", "Loose Tooth Wiggle" & 10 more!

Chris' music Facebook page
Twitter @ChrisForKids

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