Saturday, April 11, 2015

Star Wars Kidscast Episode 12: Epic Discussion of Epic Yarns!

On the eve of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2015, we talk to Holman Wang, the co-creator of a new series of Star Wars board books Epic Yarns!

On a visit to his Vancouver, BC studio he discusses his process, his kids' reaction and his life-long love of Star Wars. His children Cici (5) and Felix (3) climb in his lap to make a guest appearance too!

Here's our review from last week about the Epic Yarns books!

Also in this episode we discuss two new Star Wars podcasts featuring kids: The Younglings Podcast and Children of the Force, Star Wars Celebration, and many of the new books coming out this year!

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Special thanks to Fernanda from Raincoast Books (Chronicle)!

Photo Gallery:
Tauntauns & Ewoks together at last!

Nothing good can come of these two together!

Chewie is especially furry next to various unfinished models

They're alive, and in perfect hibernation.

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