Monday, April 20, 2015

Ultimate Rebels Fun with Ultimate Factivity Collection

What is a “factivity collection”? Imagine a big portion of the Star Wars Rebels Visual Guide mixed with an activity book, then add an entire sticker book. That’s what’s inside this fun new title from DK. 

Following last year’s Star Wars Ultimate Factivity Collection, this fun book focuses on the characters, locations, spaceships and events from Disney XD’s Star Wars Rebels TV show. 

Ultimate Factivity Collection: Star Wars Rebels is 96 pages of facts, trivia, games, puzzles, how-to-draw, and stickers galore - more than 500! Most of them have a place inside the book but there are many other “extra” stickers too. 
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Like most DK books this one is filled with pictures of characters, ships and locations. There’s also plenty to read and do here thanks to authors David Fentiman, Ruth Amos and Lisa Stock.

There are many pages for drawing: you can design your own droid, a speeder bike, the view from inside the cockpit of the Ghost and even create your own graffiti tags like Sabine (ideally to do only inside the book, unless you see Imperial posters around).

Like a lot of Star Wars Rebels books, this one is only based on the events of the first few episodes of season one and the Spark of Rebellion movie debut. Since it came out after the season finale, it would’ve been nice if it included characters and scenes that appeared later on.

If you’re looking for a good rainy-day activity book, or a collection of new trivia to quiz your friends, check out the Ultimate Factivity Collection: Star Wars Rebels.

Further reading: for more Star Wars drawing fun check out Draw Star Wars Rebels!

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