Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Luke Skywalker Launches New Picture Book Series!

A new series of picture books from Disney-Lucasfilm Press begins this month with the release of Luke and the Lost Jedi Temple by Jason Fry, author of many Star Wars books (Aliens of the Galaxy, Star Wars in 100 Scenes, Rey's Survival Guide).
What makes this series unique is that these picture books are all fully-illustrated adaptations of middle-grade Star Wars novels from 2015.

Luke and the Lost Jedi Temple is a very abridged version of Fry’s own The Weapon of a Jedi, published as part of the “Journey to The Force Awakens” titles. The black, white and occasional red illustrations from Weapon are replaced here with full-colour digital paintings from Pilot Studio.

If you look carefully Sarco Plank is in The Force Awakens!
The story is the same though as Luke Skywalker, not long after the destruction of the first Death Star, makes an emergency landing on a strange planet. Luke finds himself being drawn by the Force to a long-abandoned Jedi temple. Along the way he makes a new friend Farnay and a mysterious – possibly dangerous - guide named Sarco Plank.

Fry turns his original novel into a quick adventure for younger readers to enjoy while the full colour illustrations capture the action.

The book also comes with two pages of stickers based on characters and scenes in the story.

As mentioned above, this book begins a new series as other middle-grade novels will be soon adapted into this format. Other titles to look forward to:

Leia and the Great Island Escape (Adapted from Moving Target) (Dec 2016)

Poe and the Missing Ship (Adapted from Poe’s story in Before the Awakening) (Jan 2017)

Han and the Rebel Rescue (Adapted from Smuggler’s Run) (May 2017)

No word yet if the Rey or Finn stories within Before the Awakening will also be adapted. Stay tuned for more details.

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