Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Dive into the Star Wars universe with In-Universe books

Other than those "sacred Jedi texts" that Yoda couldn't even pretend to enjoy reading, you don't often see much reading of books happening within the Star Wars movies.

However there are plenty of books out there, and more to come, set within the Star Wars universe. These books are often described as being "In-Universe". But what does that mean?

An In-Universe book is a book written here on earth, published by an earthbound publisher, but presented as though written by a Star Wars character. In many cases, the book is put together as though it would be one that Star Wars characters might read.

For example, the recent The Secrets of the Jedi is presented as though Luke Skywalker himself wrote it. Although actually written by non-Jedi earthling Marc Sumerak, it comes across as Luke's own thoughts and knowledge, his notes for future Jedi.

The journal style is a common one for In-Universe books, like Rebel Journal by Ezra Bridger and Sabine's My Rebel Sketchbook (both written by Daniel Wallace) or Rey's Survival Guide, Rose Tico: Resistance Fighter, or Rogue One: Rebel Dossier (all by Jason Fry). These books appear to be the personal diaries/scrapbooks of the characters, giving young readers a more intimate perspective on the characters' onscreen adventures.

Along this line are the instructional manual books like The Jedi Path, The Book of Sith and The Bounty Hunter Guide (all by Daniel Wallace & others). These books are actually put together as though if it were a training manual in each respective field. On top of that, there are notes from key Star Wars characters jotted in the margins, as though the copy you are holding has been in many notable hands before.

Another type of In-Universe book is the reference book, like Galactic Maps or Alien Archive. Both of these are written to be as non-fiction books you might find within the Star Wars universe. Every library must have them, presumably.

Taking the In-Universe idea even further are books like Myths & Fables (and presumably its upcoming follow-up Dark Legends).  Myths & Fables is completely presented as if it's a storybook you could purchase somewhere in the Star Wars universe. What would a bookshop on Coruscant carry in it's Kids section? Probably something like this.

Also coming soon is Galaxy's Edge: Traveler's Guide to Batuu. This guidebook to the Disney Parks attraction will also be In-Universe "as if you are a visitor from another part of the galaxy looking for recommendations on where to eat, shop, and sightsee while on your trip to this exciting location."

If you are looking for a change of pace in your Star Wars reading, try out an In-Universe title for a different perspective and a lot of fun!
Coming July 2020

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