Sunday, April 9, 2017

Two “Amazing” Books for Young Fans!

First there was the entertaining and informative Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need To Know, then the must-have Star Was study guide Ultimate Star Wars. Now DK Publishing continues its streak of cool books with far-from-modest titles with two “Amazing” books for Star Wars fans. 

Where Absolutely Everything and Ultimate are in-depth books that would appeal to a wide age range, the Amazing books are clearly created for younger fans.

First came the Amazing Book of Star Wars and now the Amazing Book of LEGO Star Wars for fans who prefer the galaxy in brick form.

Each book comes with plenty of detailed visuals, facts, trivia, fold-out pages and a large poster as well. The Amazing Book of Star Wars comes with a life-sized poster of BB-8 as seen in The Force Awakens (and hopefully the upcoming The Last Jedi). The LEGO edition comes with a folded poster of the LEGO Millennium Falcon.
DK has published LEGO editions of their own Star Wars books before, including Star Wars in 100 Scenes and the Star Wars Character Encyclopedia. DK has published many books that are a little more deserving of the word "amazing" on the cover (Year by Year immediately comes to mind) but these books are still sure to please a young fan.
The LEGO editions of each book are essentially the same book but usually add a little extra humour to go along with the nuggets of info. Both books are 48 page hardcovers and loaded with images for readers to pour over. Whichever you choose, you'll have plenty to enjoy.

Publisher’s Recommendation: Ages 6-9

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