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Hunting and Collecting Rogue One Action Figures From the Past (Part 2)

(Warning: this article contains spoilers about Rogue One)
Rebellions are built on hope...but action figure collections are built on hunting and research!

Whether you’re playing with them or making a diorama, there are some characters from Rogue One that unfortunately won’t be available officially in Rogue One action figure form anytime soon. But don't let that stop your fun!

Rogue One is filled with exciting new characters that already feel like they important parts of the Star Wars saga, but it also has brief appearances by many other familiar faces longtime fans will recognize.

In the first part of this article we looked at a few key characters like Tarkin, Mon Mothma & Leia and our tips for the best and easiest-to-find action figure versions of them.

Here’s a few more Rogue One characters you won’t see on pegs in regular toy departments anytime soon but with a little hunting online or at local collectible shops should be fairly easy to add to your collection:

Dr. Evazan and Ponda Baba infamously picked a fight with the wrong Tatooine farmboy in Episode 4 and proved Obi-Wan correct in his statement that the cantina could “get a little rough”. They are on screen only briefly in Rogue One but again they seem to be looking for trouble, this time in Jedha City.
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There have been a few versions of Dr. Evazan made over the years starting with the first version back in 1997 while Ponda Baba has been a Star Wars action figure since 1978. Originally, he was named “Walrus Man” by Kenner back then (older fans will still call him that!) and has been recreated several times since.
One of the easiest ways to get both characters would be to find Hasbro's 1997 Cantina Showdown 3-pack that includes Dr. Evazan, Ponda Baba and an action-ready Obi-Wan Kenobi. Despite being produced 20 years ago, this set is still fairly easy to locate and not particularly expensive. Otherwise, loose versions of both characters are also fairly common.
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Although they never say a word onscreen in Star Wars movies, the Emperor’s Royal Guards are still an imposing sight in their solid red armor and robes. In Rogue One, the guards are doing what they do best – guarding Darth Vader while he is inside his healing chamber.
The original 1983 Kenner Emperor’s Royal Guard figure (shown here) is still fairly easy to find but so are the later versions, including the 2005 Revenge of the Sith edition. Every version of these guards is pretty good, so it may come down to if you want a cloth or rubber robe, or simply whatever you can find at a reasonable price.
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Another character to debut onscreen in 1977 but not made into an action figure until much later is John “Dutch” Vander, aka Red Leader. Most recently he was part of Hasbro’s Black Series toy line. He didn’t get to do a lot in Rogue One but for longtime fans seeing him back on the big screen – even momentarily - was reason to celebrate!
It wouldn’t be Star Wars without the beloved droid duo of R2-D2 and C-3PO showing up somewhere, and in Rogue One they appear for just a moment on Yavin 4 before the big battle. Both characters have been made as action figures many times over, starting in 1978, and are usually widely available.
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With the exception of the Episode 1 and 2 versions, and a red arm for his The Force Awakens edition, C-3PO figures usually look pretty much the same as in Rogue One. R2-D2 has had many versions that highlight specific features and gadgets he uses but again, they all pretty much work for Rogue One play.
Although the C-3PO isn't nearly as shiny as other versions, one of the easiest ways to get both droid characters would be the 2014 "Mission Series" 2-pack (seen here).
There’s no wrong way to play Star Wars so use whoever and whatever you can find to recreate Jedha in a dirt pile or Scarif on your next visit to a beach. Have fun and, as always, may the Force be with you!
Got a favourite character from Rogue One you’d like to see Hasbro make? Comment below!

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