Friday, June 24, 2016

New Look and Feel for Star Wars DK Readers

After creating dozens of Star Wars–themed “readers” (short books geared to a specific reading level), DK Publishing has updated the look and feel of the series with three new releases. 

Each title is still given a particular theme and intended reading level. Each book is full of full-colour images from the Star Wars films and TV shows.

For this batch the focus is on The Force Awakens and Star Wars Rebels. The three newest Star Wars readers are: Star Wars Rebels: Darth Vader, Rebel Hunter (Level 2), The Adventures of BB-8 (Level 2) and Finn’s Mission (Level 3).

As with earlier titles in the series each book comes with a glossary for trickier words and a guide for parents to help use the books to coach their young readers. There are also quizzes in the back to check for comprehension.

What’s new is each title looks a little more fun and exciting. The cover and inside page layouts are much closer to the magazine-style look seen in DK's recent (and fantastic) Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know. There is also a lot more variety from page to page than earlier editions. 

For younglings learning to read and curious about the ins and outs of Star Wars there are many DK Readers still in print at every level. These three new titles make a great new addition to the collection!

Publisher’s Descriptions:

Darth Vader, Rebel Hunter: Learn all about one of the most terrifying figures in the Empire, Darth Vader. Discover how the evil Sith Lord plans to defeat the rebels once and for all. (Level 2)

The Adventures of BB-8:  Follow brave BB-8 as he gets caught up in the battle to save the galaxy. Learn about the heroic Resistance and the sinister First Order. Meet BB-8's new friends, and see them join together to defeat evil! (Level 2)

Finn’s Mission: From the desert wastelands of Jakku to the frozen mountains of the Starkiller, follow Finn as he bravely battles the First Order. Meet the heroes who will help him in his mission, and face the terrifying enemies who will stand in his way. (Level 3)

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