Tuesday, June 7, 2016

LEGO Star Wars: Chronicles of the Force

For LEGO-loving Star Wars fans, LEGO Star Wars: Chronicles of the Force offers a photo-filled, lighthearted look of all things Star Wars. Everything from major character groups (Empire, Rebellion, First Order, bounty hunters, etc.) to vehicles, planets and starships are here.
Chronicles of the Force gives an overview of how and where things fit together in the Star Wars galaxy across 96 pages of full-colour, up-close photos. For collector/builders there's also info about the various sets available.

Written by Star Wars experts Adam Bray and Cole Horton (co-authors of Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know), characters from all SEVEN Star Wars feature films (I love saying that!) plus The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels and more all appear.

The past few years have brought plenty of hilarious LEGO Star Wars on TV (The Yoda Chronicles, Droid Tales, etc.) and in books like LEGO Star Wars In 100 Scenes. This book, while fun and entertaining, is a little closer in tone to the LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary with a bit of the humour and look from Absolutely Everything You Need to Know.  

Like many LEGO Star Wars titles, this one also includes an exclusive minifig: “Unkar’s Brute”. 

Unkar's Brute: Not that one...THAT one!
Exclusive Minifig!
To be honest, when I saw this minifig I really wasn’t sure who this was supposed to be despite having seen The Force Awakens, well, a LOT of times. Turns out he represents one of the two thugs that was trying to steal BB-8 from Rey after she refused Unkar’s offer of “60 portions”.

For LEGO fanatics and casual fans alike Chronicles of the Force is a fun way to explore the whole Star Wars saga!

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