Sunday, August 10, 2014

Read, You Must: Quick Look at Two Star Wars Rebels Books

August has been a great month for young Star Wars readers! Here's a quick look at 2 of the 6 brand new Star Wars Rebels books from Lucasfilm Press/Disney Book Group released already...

Star Wars Rebels Rise of the Rebels is a 118 page chapter book that tells some of the stories that will be featured in the upcoming Star Wars Rebels TV show. Author Michael Kogge, writer for Star Wars Insider magazine and Star Wars role-playing games, adapts the scripts of several soon-to-air  episodes. Each of the main characters gets their own section. The stories introduce the characters through individual adventures.

The design of the book inside is very cool with all sorts of new Rebels artwork and imagery. The title really could've just been "Meet the Rebels" but that was taken. This isn't really a story of the Rebellion taking shape. It's more a fun, detailed introduction to all the main heroes. Suggested for ages 8-12.

Also released the same day was Star Wars Rebels Chopper Saves the Day, a much shorter story (24 pages) for even younger fans. This picture book tells the same story as the first section of Rise of the Rebels, a short skirmish in space between Hera, Kanan, Chopper (of course) and Imperial TIE fighters.

This fun book reminded me very much of the kind of tie-in kids' books popular in the 1980's, to the point it feels like it should come with a read-along record or cassette tape! Sadly it doesn't but it does come with a bunch of stickers.
Suggested for ages 6-8.

Have you read either book? What did you think? Comment below...
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