Sunday, April 20, 2014

FAN EXPO Vancouver: Star Wars fan fun!

I'm so confused!
FAN EXPO is a celebration of everything from science-fiction to horror to fantasy along with bringing together creators of movies, television, anime, comics, games and more! If you're into your favourite series or style there's plenty of like-minded people there among the expected 25,000 attendees! You'll also likely encounter many fans in costumes of your favourite characters.

This couple were a lot of fun!
Among the cyborgs, zombies & superheroes we encountered plenty of like-minded Star Wars fans. It's not specifically a kids' event but they do try to make it a family-friendly one and we saw plenty of children there. Many in costumes!

A Sith, a Jedi & a Solo!

Celebrities in attendance include Ray Park, the actor best known as DARTH MAUL from Episode 1! He was very nice and not at all scary like his famous Sith apprentice character!

I also had a moment to chat with Steven Blum, well-known voice-actor in animation and one of the stars of the upcoming Star Wars Rebels series. He'll be the new character Zeb! He was also very friendly and will probably join Star Wars Kidscast podcast for a chat in the Fall!

At the LEGO display there was an almost life-size LEGO Darth Maul along with Superman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

There was also a mural in-progress that visitors could add pieces too. See if you can recognize who will be in the picture when it's done:

I think I see a certain green Jedi Master in there...
Other highlights included talking with Star Wars artist Ken Steacy and meeting the 501st Legion & Rebel Legion Star Wars costuming groups. They were helping raise funds for Variety the Children's Charity which was fantastic to see! We got a few pictures:

She really wanted to see Boba Fett!
Unfortunately we missed "Star Wars Kids Hour". Getting around the huge space was at times challenging so plan to be there a while & plan your moves in advance! The plan is to head straight for that today! Hopefully see you there!

She had a good time, weird as it must have been to her!
Did your family attend Fan Expo Vancouver? If you have pictures we'd love to see them! Email

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