Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Star Wars Podcasts: The Next Generation

The Children of the Force...and their Dad!
Readers of this blog or listeners to the Star Wars Kidscast podcast* may notice that we’re no longer calling the show “The only podcast in the Galaxy for kids”. You may still see that line appear here and there while things get cleaned up, but that won’t be the tagline going forward for two very cool reasons...

Two new Star Wars – themed podcasts have come onto the scene, and both of them feature KIDS in a big way! If you're not already listening to The Younglings Podcast and Children of the Force here's a closer look:

The Younglings Podcast features siblings Annie (age 10) and Tessa (age 7) as they bring on guests (often friends or family members) to discuss Star Wars news & opinions. The episodes are short (8-12 minutes) but they have a lot of fun, especially when they re-enact scenes from the movies or practice their character voice impressions. 

These kids are witty, entertaining and LOVE Star Wars. Mom & Dad get thanked for their behind-the-scenes help but this is truly a show “for kids, by kids”!

Children of the Force is “a podcast about Star Wars by one adult and his two children”. It’s a family-friendly discussion of Star Wars news, Rebels episodes, and everything else going on hosted by a Dad (Al) and his two Star Wars - loving kids Anna (age 8) and Liam (age 6). 

This show isn’t necessarily designed for kids and listeners of any age can enjoy the animated and enthusiastic commentary by Anna and Liam. A recent highlight is hearing the kids' immediate reactions to the reveal of Fulcrum's identity on Star Wars Rebels! The discussions are in-depth as Dad leads them through various topics. Obviously this family has been discussing and enjoying Star Wars together for a long time and now they're sharing their conversations! 
Have a listen here:

Congratulations to these two new, exciting shows and all the creative kids (and parents) involved!
-Chris @SWKidscast

*It's been a while but new episodes are coming!

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