Sunday, January 5, 2014

Star Wars Magazines for Kids: Looking Back and Looking Ahead!

1998's Star Wars Kids #1 - Thanks!
There have been magazines geared for younger Star Wars fans for some time, from Star Wars Kids in the late 1990's to Titan Magazines' current Star Wars: The Clone Wars Magazine. Ever since The Clone Wars TV series suddenly stopped the future of that magazine has been uncertain yet it still remained a regular on newsstands.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Magazine is full of games, puzzles, posters, exclusive comics and details about characters you may have missed in the show, but obviously focused only on The Clone Wars.

Recent issue of Clone Wars

Now it seems that Star Wars: The Clone Wars Magazine will also stop running because a brand-new title will soon appear from Titan for young fans, simply called Star Wars Magazine! This is not to be confused with Titan's fantastic Star Wars Insider Magazine, which is also appropriate for family readership but focused more on older fan interests.

Presumably a lot of the same talented people will be working on the new Star Wars Magazine from The Clone Wars (same publisher) but the focus will open up to include movie characters, the upcoming movies and presumably the new Star Wars Rebels TV show too!

We're very much looking forward to this new magazine. It apparently comes out on March 19, 2014. Here's a sneak peek at the cover, though it may look different by the time it comes out:

Star Wars Magazine #1 arrives Spring 2014!

From the publisher:
An all-new #1! The entire Star Wars galaxy comes together in a brand-new magazine from a galaxy far, far away! Featuring Clone Wars heroes rubbing shoulders with fan favorites from the movie universe - and an awesome mix of posters, puzzles, and comic strips - Star Wars Magazine is officially cooler than Hoth! Yoda be mad to miss it!

Thanks to our friends Johnamarie from & Mark from for passing the word on to Star Wars Kidscast!

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