Monday, September 22, 2014

Origami Yoda Series & Tour Concludes

Bursting with even more energy than his enthusiastic fans (often referred to as Superfolders), Tom Angleberger concluded his promotional tour on Sunday for the latest (last?) book in the best-selling Origami Yoda series here in the Vancouver area. 

Appearing at the North Vancouver library (with thanks to Kidsbooks) Angleberger discussed a little about Emperor Pickletine Rides the Bus, juggled with his old mentor, had a paper-airplane contest with origami artist Joseph Wu, and taught everyone how to fold an "emergency five-fold Yoda", useful when no other Yoda is available.

Unlike most authors who talk a little, read an excerpt, then answer a few questions, Angleberger encouraged plenty of noise and participation and actually didn't read from his books at all. Having now released the sixth book of the series he seemed comfortable to assume most kids there had read them so there were plenty of inside jokes. It would be a safe assumption considering how many of the kids brought their entire set of the books to be signed, and how many brought BAGS full of origami characters, Star Wars and more, to share. 

The "Final" book...or is it??
These kids were excited to meet the author of books that truly meant something to them. Tom Angleberger's Origami Yoda series is certainly an entertaining read, but without ever getting preachy, each book has something to say to young readers about a variety of heavy topics. For example, a lot of books for middle-graders contain bullying as a plot device, but amid a fun book like Darth Paper Strikes Back, Angleberger is able to go deeper and look at what happens when complicated issues are handled by well-meaning adults looking for easy answers.

Star Wars Kidscast hasn't posted a review of the individual Origami Yoda books simply because most of them were released before our launch. Reviewing only the last book seems a little odd - sort of like ONLY watching Return of the Jedi and skipping the other movies. Let's just say the entire series is recommended for any strong readers interested in the drama and laughs of middle-school and to adults who are curious about the only Star Wars-related novels set on Earth (so far).

Serious paper-airplane folding!
You don't need to be a Star Wars fanatic to enjoy the books but it sure would help, particularly as the series goes on and more obscure characters and moments are referenced. But what do squirrels, Cheetos and a foul-mouthed monkey named Soapy have to do with all of this? You'll just have to read the books to find out! 

For our interview with Tom Angleberger earlier this year click here!

Origami Yoda may be over as a series but there's more Star Wars coming from Tom Angleberger. New book adaptions of the three original Star Wars films (Episodes IV, V & VI) are coming soon from Disney Publishing, and guess who is thrilled to be writing a version of Return of the Jedi?

During the question portion of the event on Sunday, Angleberger proudly discussed this new book project and suggested that in his version, we'll finally know how an Ewok is able to take down a Stormtrooper!

Tom was happy to sign and draw something for everyone!

And there was quite a line-up!
Thanks Tom for a wonderful afternoon, but more importantly thank you for your contribution to spreading the love of Star Wars to a new generation!

-Chris @SWKidscast

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