Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Very Vader Valentine's Day: The Cute Side of the Force

" might say that we are encouraged to love." - Anakin Skywalker


Dark Lord of the Sweethearts?
Star Wars-themed valentine cards have been around for years and now Scholastic has a book full of them! On Valentine's Day you can show your love or friendship AND your love of Star Wars with Star Wars: A Very Vader Valentine's Day.

Whether you give out friendly cards or you're sneaking into Jabba's palace in disguise to be with your sweetheart, February 14th is better with Star Wars in it! Star Wars suits Valentine's Day surprisingly well with various love stories and many examples of true friendship. It's the friendship and niceness part celebrated mostly in A Very Vader Valentine's Day from Trey King and Katie Cook.

The book consists mainly of sheets with 36 removable valentine cards but if you give all of those away, there's still fun stuff left for you. The first section has a few pages of word puzzles, comics, drawing tips and many Star Wars jokes. You can even help Boba Fett find love...sort of. Katie Cook's extremely cute artwork has an adorably distinct look - and the text has a silly, pun-oriented sense of humor thanks to Trey King. Compared to the boxed valentine card sets available this book is a little more expensive but comes with quite a few bonus activities.

My only complaint about the book is the title which is a bit misleading. A Very Vader Valentine's Day is no more focused on Darth Vader than any other character, and wouldn't a VERY Vader Valentine's Day actually be pretty terrifying? Somebody would get force-choked, that's for sure.

Small complaint indeed because if you like your Star Wars on the CUTE side of the Force, check out this activity book. Spread the love this Valentine's Day...Star Wars love, that is! : )

For an interview with Star Wars A Very Vader Valentine's Day illustrator Katie Cook, have a listen to Star Wars Kidscast Episode 6!

As mentioned at the beginning, Star Wars valentine goodies have been around for a while:

Old-School Star Wars valentine cards from the 1980's
Pretty scary way to say I Love You!

Canadian valentines that came with lollipop hearts!

Clone Wars valentines too!
For a more detailed look at Star Wars valentine items, visit this link. Happy Valentine's Day!
-Chris @SWKidscast


  1. My husband likes to buy me those heart shaped Darth Maul boxes. I think he likes them because he's a Nirvana fan. Personally I just find Sith lords really romantic.

    1. Hey! Wait! That's pretty funny! Happy Valentine's Day!

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