Sunday, October 6, 2013

Clone Wars Season 5 on DVD & Blu-Ray October 14th!

Here it is: Season 5, the last full season of the fantastic Star Wars: The Clone Wars, will be available to own next week!

If you don't already know how great The Clone Wars was (sadly it's now off the air) now is a good time to dive in! Season 5 actually has quite a few episodes that are easy to enjoy even if you haven't seen Seasons 1-4, particularly the "Younglings" episodes that focus on a group of very young Jedi-in-training. However, we do HIGHLY RECOMMEND you see ALL episodes of The Clone Wars.

Here's a trailer to give you a few glimpses of what to expect from Season 5....

(Note: October 14th is the UK release date. In North America it will be the 15th.)

We'll still have to wait to see how much and what of the never-aired Season 6 surfaces, but for now I'll be busy watching this set this month!

Note to Parents: don't let the fact this is a cartoon fool you! This is REAL Star Wars and it only very rarely feels like a "kiddie" show. In fact, some episodes may be frightening or too intense for younger children but if they can handle the Star Wars films they will be fine here too. If you want something tamer, try the entertaining Lego Star Wars DVDs.

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