Tuesday, October 29, 2013

New Star Wars Pins benefiting Variety the Children's Charity

At Star Wars Kidscast we love when Star Wars can be used to help raise awareness or funds for charities, but this one is really close to home.

This video is a collision of my worlds, one as a Star Wars lover the other as a parent to a child with special needs. The programs she benefits from have certainly been helped by Variety and so on a very personal level - as a grateful Dad more than as a Star Wars fan - I ask you to purchase one of these very cool Darth Vader or Yoda gold pins that help support Variety The Children's Charity.

For more info go to Variety's website or StarWars.com


  1. I ordered these pins a few days ago, when I saw the post on starwars . com. Was happy to see they still had the R2/ C3PO pins from a few years back, as I missed those the first time around. Inexpensive collectibles for a good cause - what's not to like!

  2. Thanks for supporting Variety, Scott...and thanks for commenting! I have my droids pin too. : )


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