Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Read, You Must: Poe Dameron Flight Log

Poe Dameron: Flight Log is a new “replica journal” from Studio Fun, the publishers of previous Star Wars middle grade books like Ezra’s Rebel Journal and Sabine’s My Rebel Sketchbook. This means the book is meant to be a replica of Poe’s actual writings and data files. The story of The Force Awakens, or at least Poe’s part in the adventure, is told by “the best pilot in the Resistance” himself through a series of transcribed conversations and notes. The back cover warns that these are “highly classified” documents inside this 96 page hardcover!

Similar to the earlier Rey’s Survival Guide, Poe Dameron: Flight Log includes photos, diagrams of ships, and insights specifically from Poe’s perspective. There are fold-out pages and hologram images cleverly revealed through lift-the-flaps.

The book goes beyond simply re-telling the story of the movie. There are events that happen before Poe meets Lor San Tekka on Jakku. Such events may be familiar to readers of the Poe Dameron comic series, but might be new to others.  

Poe Dameron: Flight Log also has a few other bits and pieces of Poe’s family history included, pulled from comics and other novels. There’s even a bit of insight of what happened to Poe after he and Finn crashed on Jakku, who rescued him and how Poe made it off-world.

Poe Dameron: Flight Log is written by Michael Kogge who has previously written several Star Wars Rebels novels and the terrific The Force Awakens Junior Novel. Kogge captures the same confident attitude that hotshot pilot Poe displays throughout the film. Poe shows disdain for reports and protocol: he just wants to fly!

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The book ends with an overview of Poe’s fellow pilots that participated in the final destruction of Starkiller Base and a promise of more adventures to come!     

Perhaps due to the marketing of The Force Awakens, or that the toys stand side-by-side on the shelves, it’s easy to forget how little Poe crosses paths with Rey in the movie. Reading books like Rey’s Story and this one really point out that those two key characters, though they make mutual friends in Finn, really have no contact. Perhaps in The Last Jedi they'll get to have a conversation?

If you want to expand on what you know of Poe, or just revisit The Force Awakens from a new perspective, this book is for you.

Publisher’s recommendation Ages 6-12

Also available now for Poe Dameron fans from Lucasfilm/Disney Press:

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