Monday, November 16, 2015

Read, You Must: Star Wars Rebels Visual Guide: Epic Battles

For anyone who has read my previous reviews of Star Wars books from DK Publishing you’ll notice I often use words like “beautiful” and “gorgeous”. At the risk of repeating myself, here’s yet another title from DK that is worthy of those adjectives!

In this case most of the beauty in Star Wars Rebels Visual Guide: Epic Battles should be credited to the talented artists who make Star Wars Rebels though. This book is page after page of key scenes from the Disney XD show including some parts of Season 2. If you want a collection of detailed images from Rebels, this is for you!

However there’s much more to it than a visual feast as author Adam Bray (Star Wars Rebels The Visual Guide, What Makes a Monster?, Ultimate Star Wars) provides the insights, trivia and commentary alongside the action.

This 144 page hardcover book gives an in-depth look at the events of Rebels Season 1 and even provides several peeks at characters, ships and action from Season 2. For some places (like here in Canada) the second season just finally started, so there’s more than a few moments here that haven't even aired yet!

The 1st Rebels Visual Guide
My only complaint, and it's a minor one, is the title: beyond being more than a mouthful, there really are no "epic battles" in Rebels. It is a show about how a small rebellion begins to grow into a larger, galaxy-wide Rebel Alliance against the Empire. So far viewers have certainly seen conflict, but calling anything so far in Rebels an "epic battle" makes it hard to imagine how to then describe the Battle of Geonosis or the Battle of Endor! Now THOSE are EPIC!

Forget the title, just enjoy the show and enjoy this book! Highly recommended for fans of Star Wars Rebels of any age!

Also by Adam Bray:

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