Thursday, March 26, 2015

Create a Rebellion with Draw Star Wars Rebels

Draw Star Wars Rebels will guide young artists of almost any skill level to draw the main characters of the fantastic Disney XD show. This spiral-bound activity book is great for budding young artists like Star Wars Rebels' Sabine.

You may be tempted to just follow the pictures in a book like this, but side-notes, tips and comments throughout offer an extra layer of help. Even though this is a Klutz book (which usually means more DOING than reading), make sure you stop and read along the way.

With illustrations by Star Wars artist Grant Gould and instructions by "the editors of Klutz" this is a fun way to practice basic concepts, figure drawing and polishing your work into clean, professional-looking artwork.

There's a section at the back for drawing the Ghost and TIE fighters but like the earlier Draw Star Wars The Clone Wars the focus here is on drawing full body characters and action poses. Starting with stick figures, the steps guide you to build from there giving your characters dimension, weight and form. Eventually it moves to details and shading.

Just as with the Clone Wars one, I would've liked to also see some pages about creating facial expressions and close-up details, like how to do Sabine's helmet and armor or the markings on Zeb's fur, for example. The small pages don't really allow for that. However Draw Star Wars Rebels is a great place to start and it comes with quality drawing supplies to get you going.

Publisher's description:
This latest addition to our Star Wars book series is a how-to guide packed with expert tips, simple techniques, plenty of draw-right-in-the-book space, and translucent overlays to make you a master of drawing. Start with stick figures, move onto basic shapes, and finish up with the details. This sketchbook comes with everything you need, and we also include perhaps the most essential tool for any artist… an eraser. Because sometimes even a Jedi Master could use a do-over.

Comes with: 90 page book, 6 sheets of vellum tracing paper, mechanical pencil, black marker, 3 dual-tipped metallic colored pencils, block eraser

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